Flying Cirque Performers

Flying Cirque Performers Backdrop

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Portray a circus in all its glory by using Grosh’s Flying Cirque Performers backdrop on your stage. Our this colorful design captures the energy and excitement brought by traveling performers. It depicts the circus as seen from the center of the ring. In the center are the performers appearing to fly by hanging on red ropes.  In the forefront of the drop are two performers all dressed up in costume. From the ceiling are large spotlights shining down onto the entertainers.

Use this colorful circus backdrop for shows that prominently feature circuses and town fairs. Retell the life story of the renowned showman P.T. Barnum in . You can use it to set up your stage for Annie Get Your Gun, Barnum, and Dumbo, plus many others.

Call us today and rent Flying Cirque Performers to retell fascinating stories, you can also check availability and order directly online. Grosh offers nationwide delivery.

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