Once Upon a Mattress

If you are in need of backgrounds that perfectly encapsulate the world of Once Upon a Mattress, let the gorgeous hand-painted and photorealistic backdrops from Grosh Backdrops and Drapery complete your setting. Our collection of themed stage backdrops for Once Upon a Mattress range from castle interiors and exteriors to dungeons and gardens.

Once Upon a Mattress is a parody of Hans Christian Andersens fairytale, The Princess and The Pea. Andersens version tells the story of a prince who has not yet found his perfect bride because he has trouble determining the qualities of a real princess.

One stormy night, however, a young woman came knocking to the palace door and asks to take shelter from the rain. She claims to be a princess, and so the queen tested her without her knowledge. That very night, she made the girl sleep on 20 mattresses and slipped a single pea under one of them without the girls knowledge. Claiming that a true princess sensitivity was greater than any commoner, the queen told her son that in order for the girl to prove that she is royalty, she needs to feel the pea under all the mattresses.

This simple tale became popular over the years, and in May 1959, the musical comedy Once Upon a Mattress opened on Broadway. It followed the same plotline as the original version but with a twist. In this musical, there is a law that states that no one in the kingdom can get married before the prince. This unique twist inspired the playful songs and laughable scenes used in the musical.

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