Meet Me in St. Louis

Find the best stage backdrop designs for the 1989 Broadway musical Meet Me in St. Louis. Browse Grosh Backdrops and Draperys online gallery and choose from a number of backdrops that will certainly draw the attention of your audience to the grand opening of the 1904 Worlds Fair.

Our collection of backdrops for this production includes depictions of ascot tents, circus tents, and country fair tents. We also have room interiors, gardens, and streets. And to depict the changing seasons for different acts, our collection also features winter-themed stage legs.

This 1989 Broadway production was based on an MGM film of the same name. The musical ran for 252 performances from November 2, 1989 until June 10, 1990. After its staging on Broadway, the production found its way into Millburn, New Jersey, then St. Louis in Missouri, and finally Clapham in London.

The musical Meet Me in St. Louis is centered on a large family living in St. Louis, Missouri, on the eve of the 1904 Worlds Fair. The opening act, however, happens before the fair, in the summer of 1903, when the family is waiting for an important long-distance call for one of the daughters. The next scenes feature important milestones in the familys life, including a going-away party, an eventful Halloween celebration, and the shocking news that the family will soon be leaving for New York.

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