Les Miserables

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Bring the longest-running West End musical to life with Grosh Backdrops and Draperys special collection of beautifully crafted stage backdrops for the musical Les Misrables.

We have a variety of backdrop designs that you can choose from to recreate the life stories of iconic Les Mis characters like Jean Valjean, Javert, Fantine, Eponine, and Enjolras. Whether you need to set up a stage design featuring the streets of Paris, Parisian taverns, formal studies, tenements, or palace interiors, we have the right backdrops for you.

Based on the 1862 novel Les Misrables written by French poet and novelist Victor Hugo, Les Misrables is a very popular musical that debuted originally as a French-language production at the Palais de Sports in Paris, France, in September 1980. The music was created by French composer Claude-Michel Schnberg while the lyrics were written by Alain Boubail and Jean-Marc Nate. In October 1985, the original English-language version, with liberetto by Herbert Kretzmer, debuted in Londons Barbican Center. Today, Les Misrables is the longest-running musical in West End and the second longest-running in the world.

The musical tells of the story of Jean Valjean, a peasant who is hoping for a chance of redemption after being imprisoned for 19 years for stealing a piece of bread which he had given to his sisters child. He breaks his parole, vowing to turn over a new leaf under a new identity. Nevertheless, he is ceaselessly pursued by a police inspector named Javert, who has sworn to bring the convict to justice. Years later, Jean and a number of other characters are caught up in a rising storm of a rebellion, which is threatening to bring down the French government. The revolutions architects are idealistic university students led by Enjolras, who perceive the establishment as uncaring towards the needs of countrys poor and desperate.

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