If you need stage elements that can really bring out the beauty of your forest-themed stage production or event, Grosh Backdrops and Drapery has a collection of foliage borders that you can choose from.

Our foliage borders are long strips of theatrical fabrics that are painted to resemble forest flora. They are typically hung on the proscenium arch parallel to the stage. Whether you’re staging a performance of Into the Woods, Little Red Riding Hood, or Where the Wild Things Are, these foliage borders can make your show’s forest setting truly stand out. We have pieces that depict vegetation in tropical jungles, temperate woodlands, forests in autumn, and forests in winter.

Aside from being able to use our stage borders as additional design components for your show or event, they also have very practical functions. They can add visual depth to your stage, and they can also be used to hide technical equipment.

Browse through Grosh’s online gallery today to find the best foliage borders for your forest-themed theatrical production or event. You may use the form provided on this page or call 877-363-7998 to get help from our consultants. For any additional inquiries, you may also send us a message through our contact page.

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